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Jment Lim - Founder of Sunstrong Entertainment
Jment Lim

Founder & CEO of Sunstrong Entertainment

Mr. Jment Lim, who was born and raised in Malaysia founded Sunstrong Entertainment based on his vision of spreading joy and happiness across the world.

His vision forms the core foundation for all companies established by him over the years. Sunstrong was simply the perfect platform to spread joy and happiness to the millions of people across the world through films . Furthermore, films would be able to transcend across time sharing the rich cultural value embedded so that the generations of the future would not forget the culture of their forefathers.

Known for his compassion and conviction towards good causes, he has been regularly involved in various charitable acts both within Malaysia and abroad so that he can make a difference in the lives of those whom truly need a helping hand. He is also an avid activist promoting the preservation of life instead of abortion as there are better options to consider which are humane.

His life principles and unique business acumen has driven Sunstrong to grow rapidly over the last 4 years to where we are today with our movies having screened at cinemas not only in Malaysia but Singapore and Hong Kong as well.

A quick glimpse on the accolades of Sunstrong Entertainment

Since our conception in 2017, we have invested in various films each year that had been screened at cinemas across Malaysia every Lunar New Year such as “A Journey of Happiness”(2019), “A Moment of Happiness” (2020) and most notably which had received international acclaim “My Surprise Girl”(2018).

We don’t just invest in movies for the sake of money and fame but look for an element within the film concept that can deliver a positive message towards society but at the same time bring them immense joy as per the vision of our company. Our growth has been on a rapid scale given our young age in the industry, this has further seen our company getting more involved with entertainment investment projects that yielded the “Ronald Cheng – One More Time World Tour” and film distribution investment which led to the screening of Sylvester Stallone’s much awaited sequel of the Escape Plan: The Extractors and Salma’s Big Wish in Malaysian cinemas.

In order for us to created a holistic film eco-system within our organization, we co-founded Cinehouse Cinemas as an independent cinema located at Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Our company is indeed headed for even more growth in the times to come hence those aspiring talented individuals whom share our values are always welcome to join aboard.

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