Sunstrong Entertainment is one of the rising stars in the Asian Film Industry

Our Story

Sunstrong Entertainment is the trademark of SunStrong Films Sdn. Bhd. which was established in 2017.

Sunstrong Entertainment is the trademark of Sunstrong Films Sdn. Bhd. which was established in 2017. It is an emerging film, television & music investment company which focuses on the comprehensive development of various aspect in the entertainment industry.

The important mission of its founding and existence is to serve the creators, accelerate the birth of outstanding works, back up the creative works of passionate & talented individuals, and promote the healthy & rapid development of the film, television and music culture industry while promoting positive social energy. The scope of coverage includes areas such as Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.


SUNSTRONG ENTERTAINMENT IS A MALAYSIAN FILM & MUSIC PRODUCTION COMPANY – Based in Johor Malaysia and is known to be a rising star in the Asian Film Industry


Lim Kim Seng
CEO of Sunstrong Entertainment (Registered as Sunstrong Films Sdn. Bhd.)

Our Vision

The World Is Filled With Joy & Happiness Through Our Films

Our Mission

Provide Quality Films That Exceed Expectation As Well As Rich In Cultural Quality.

Empowering Good Employees To Create A Better Life For Themselves And Their Families.

Make Our Investors More Profitable With Every Single Cent That They Invest With Trust On Us.

Our 7 Values


Feed your body with meals & exercise; Feed your mind with new knowledge and skills

Mutual Respect

Respect yourself; Respect others; Respect to gain respect or vice versa


Support each other, Win Together


Don’t cheat customers; Don’t cheat company & Don’t cheat yourself

High Quality & High Efficiency

Use the best way to provide quality products and services fast which make our customers happy.


Sharing efforts, Sharing ideas, Sharing contribution & Sharing profit.


Be responsible to your company; Be responsible to yourself; Be responsible to your family & Be responsible to the community