RM 114,000 donations to 16 well deserving charity organizations


Most recently, we had announced via Social Media that we would be giving out MYR 114,000 in donations to 16 well deserving charity organizations in Malaysia.

This donation originally was conceptualized back in January 2020 at the premiere of our latest movie “A Moment of Happiness” by our CEO himself, Mr. Jment Lim. He had taken a challenge that should the movie hit 520,000 viewers thus he would be donating 30% of Sunstrong profits from the movie to charity. Despite the movie being well received by the public with numerous positive comments, the targeted number was not achieved primarily due to the public concerns and precautions against the global pandemic of COVID-19 which was mounting at that point of time.

In view of not achieving the target, we at Sunstrong Entertainment felt that despite this setback we still wanted to give back to society as every little bit helps to create a better future. In view of this we at Sunstrong Entertainment, subsequently announced via social media that we would be donating RM 100,000 to reputable charity organizations in Malaysia. This followed by an appeal to the public for recommendation in order to ensure that the donations are channeled in a transparent manner as well as to ensure that the organizations are truly indeed reputable.

A few days back on March 14, 2020, we had taken to social media to announce the recipients of the RM 100,000 donations as per our initial notice. However we had made an increase to the final figure that was to be donated in view of certain organizations requiring crucial funds for critical care needs. In view of this, the final figure had been increased to RM 114,000 that shall be distributed to 16 charity organizations as recipients of the donation immaterial of color, race or creed.

The charity organizations that had been selected to be recipients of the MYR 114,000 donation are:

  • Pertubuhan Kebajikan Harapan Baru 新希望 : MYR 5,500
  • Persatuan Rumah Kebajikan Rita : MYR 5,500
  • Persatuan Kebajikan Dan Social Kamakshi Wilayah Utara (Pusat Jagaan Kamakshi Child Home) : MYR 5,500
  • Persatuan Rumah Kanak-Kanak Ini Disayangi (KIDS) : MYR 5,500
  • Pertubuhan Rumah Anak Yatim Berkat Kasih (House of Love) : MYR 5,500
  • Persatuan Kebajikan I-Kasih Johor Bahru : MYR 19,000
  • Pertubuhan Pengurusan Pusat Jagaan 1 Malaysia, Perak : MYR 5,500
  • Pure Lotus Hospice of Compassion : MYR 5,500
  • Persatuan Kanner Melaka : MYR 18,000
  • Pusat Jagaan Kasih Jing Yuan 净愿慈怀之家 : MYR 5,500
  • Rumah Siraman Kasih Bandar Country Homes Rawang : MYR 5,500
  • Rumah Kebajikan Peribadi Mulia, Jalan Sg Kantan Kajang : MYR 5,500
  • Pusat Jagaan dan Rawatan Orang Tua Al-Ikhlas : MYR 5,500
  • Pertubuhan Kebajikan Asnaf Raudhatul Jannah : MYR 5,500
  • Pertubuhan Kebajikan Da Zhi Jiang Tang 大智讲堂 : MYR 5,500
  • Padang Lembu Buddhist Association 巴东伦武佛教会 : MYR 5,500

There may be a question in everyones mind that a donation of this size may not have been necessary in view that the movie had a shortfall from its original target and us being a rising media production company in the industry would have been better off saving the funds for future investment. However we at Sunstrong Entertainment see things from a different perspective, that every person has a role to play in making the world a better place to live in. Furthermore, this is indeed a very rough time for many companies and associations alike not only in Malaysia but across the world thus charity organizations like the ones we have selected would be entailed to emmense pressure both financially as well as operationally. These donations would in a small way help to ease their good deeds for society.

The world is already in so much of agony and despair which has increased rapidly in view of the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We as humans despite whatever race, religion or background will need to stand by each other so that we can brace the storm and come out stronger together.

We hope that with this donation, it would truly help lighten the load faced by this wonderful members of society from these charity organizations thus allowing them to do more for society.