114k Donation – CT
114k Donation – CS
114k Donation
Donation of RM 100,000 to the Malaysian Ministry of Health

In light of the global pandemic of Covid-19 that had taken a massive impact on our Malaysian company. We did our part in the best way we could to assist the brave men and women in the form of medical workers who were battling the deadly virus on the frontlines to save the precious lives of our fellow Malaysia. In line with this, we had donated RM 100,000 to the Malaysian Ministry of Health (KKM) so that the funds may help in the battle against Covid-19.

As a Malaysian born company, we are happy to assist our beloved nation to the best of our abilities.

23rd march 2020

100k Donation
100k Donation CT
100k Donation CS
Donation of RM 114,000 to Charity Organizations Across Malaysia

In light of our recent movie that was released nationwide in Malaysia as well as Singapore in conjunction with Lunar New Year titled “A Moment of Happines”, we had promised to share 30% of the net profits we make from the movie should be hit 520,000 viewers to charity. However due to rising fear and precautions against Covid-19, this mark was not achieved.

Despite this, we still wanted to be able to make a difference in the lives of the needed hence we had embarked on a journey via social media to received recommendations on reputable charity organizations from all walks of life to receive a portion of the total RM 100,000 donation that was planned. However after reviewing the urgent requirements from some of the charity organizations, we had increased the total donations to RM 114,000 to a total of 16th well reputable organizations.

23rd march 2020