Zombitopia Malaysia


STORY 15 years later, the world is still recovering from a zombie virus epidemic when a new strain of the virus surfaces amidst the population of Malaysia. Zidik who was orphaned during the first wave of the virus finds himself at risk of losing everyone he has ever cared about for the second time. Discovering...

The Spiral

The Spiral STORY Jon Caine, a respected lecturer in a university, was found missing. Three months later he resurfaced and massacred a group of civilians and police at a cafe. After being apprehended by Detective Inspector Aleana, he was sent to an asylum to be interrogated by a criminal psychologist, Dr Melanie Surya. Jon was...

Best Story 1

Best Story 1 STORY One of the stories in this movie is to tell the story that happened during the crash of Malaysia's money game. WINNING AWARDS