LoveLife Association

Love Life Association

Love Life is a charity organization that focuses on saving lives that have yet to take form in the world as humans. It’s a wonderful cause that we at Sunstrong Entertainment are proud to support as every life deserves a chance to live.


Cinehouse Cinemas

Cinehouse Cinemas is co-owned by Sunstrong Entertainment and located in the heart of Petaling Jaya at One City Mall. Aiming to be a different cinematic experience for all patrons by bringing joy to its patrons as well as value for their money spent.


APT – Agensi Pekerjaan together Sdn. Bhd.

APT is a well-known manpower supply agency that is specializing in maid supply to cover the various requirement of clients such as housework, elderly care, and baby care so employers are always at peace of mind during their busy schedules.


White Eastern

White Eastern is a wholesale and retail merchant specializing in the sales of personal self-defense & safety equipment such as pepper sprays, fire extinguishers and etc. based in Malaysia.

Travel Partner - JCY TOUR & TRAVEL


JCY is a tour and travel company located in Cambodia that specializes in inbound tours within Cambodia. They are notably known by their slogan “Visit Angkor Wat; Choose JCY” symbolizing their expertise in the region.