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Sunstrong Entertainment ever since its inception back in 2017 has been very active in both the film production as well as film investment segments. Recently Sunstrong Entertainment has begun venturing into the Music industry via production & investment. Though young in the industry, the company is driven by passionate individuals which have created masterpieces of art.

Ronald Cheng – “One More Time” World Tour Concert

Ronald Cheng is a singer and actor. In 2003, he returned to the Cantopop market but success did not arrive until 2005 when his signature song "無賴" was voted one of the Top 10 songs at various music award shows. He continues his career with a full schedule of touring and acting, and in 2018, was nominated several times at the Hong Kong Film Award. That year, he took home the title for Best Original Film Song.

Escape Plan: The Extractors

After security expert Ray Breslin (Sylvester Stallone) is hired to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a Hong Kong tech mogul from a formidable Latvian prison, Breslin's girlfriend (Jaime King) is also captured.

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Big Three Dragons

Sheng Enterprise is the biggest name in competitive mahjong and this is where the story of ‘Big Three Dragons’ begins. Shun Shao Bai is the heir apparent to the company, but ends up banished from the company after his playful antics at the company’s anniversary party disgraces him.

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A Journey of Happiness

The Siew family lost their mother a year ago and the father Siew Fatt has been depressed since. The second daughter Siew Shen is a famous tour guide, but due to her hectic work, her relationship is often at a threat.

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The Spiral

Jon Caine, a respected lecturer in a university, was found missing. Three months later he resurfaced and massacred a group of civilians and police at a cafe. After being apprehended by Detective Inspector Aleana, he was sent to an asylum to be interrogated by a criminal psychologist, Dr Melanie Surya. Jon was erratic and psychotic, as well as deadly - traits that he didn't have before he went missing. Melanie soon learnt that her very existence is the key to Jon's sudden change of behavior and ultimately, she unlocked the secret that Jon has held inside him.

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My Surprise Girl

Hao Wen excels in both work and relationships, living his life surrounded by beautiful women. One day, he quits his job after an argument with his supervisor. He then travels to the beautiful beach of Kenting National Park, Taiwan, enjoying his life surfing and changing his partner in bed every day. However, the arrival of a little girl who claims to be his daughter turns his world completely upside down.

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Best Story 1

One of the stories in this movie is to tell the story that happened during the crash of Malaysia's money game.