A Journey of Happiness

A Journey of Happiness


The Siew family lost their mother a year ago and the father Siew Fatt has been depressed since. The second daughter Siew Shen is a famous tour guide, but due to her hectic work, her relationship is often at a threat. Siew Beng, the eldest son, is a property agent who often exaggerate in order to get sales while the youngest son Siew Lup is a jobless youngster who daydreamed about becoming a world famous internet influencer.

The family lost their pillar-of-strength after the mother’s passing and the lack of communications between the father and children caused strains to their relationship.

Siew Shen decided to bring the family on a tour to Malaysia to help rekindle the relationship. Upon arrival, they met a cunning tour guide Cui Fong, a local backpacker Pumpkin BB and a hostel owner Orchid who took good care of them like a mother.

The journey from Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands turned exciting after their encounter with the three. Endless adventures await them along the trip and they even accidentally entered an aboriginal tribe village, making the trip an unforgettable one.