Best Story 1

Best Story 1 星剧本


The short film of Best Story narrates the lessons that separate groups of people have learned in their life paths. The stories happened when the money game has collapsed in Malaysia. The storyline begins with Chen Yao Zu (Starred by Jack Yap), who always seems to succeed in every stage of his life but unfortunately not. Chen Yao Zu was a loser in his study life, working life and love story. Therefore, Chen Yao Zu is expecting killing Darren (Starred by Jack Lim) would change his fate. However, everything was out of his control. Simultaneously, a pessimistic scriptwriter Huang Xun Wen (Starred by Eric Lin) meets optimistic girl, namely Le Le (Starred by Keat Yoke Chen). The latter put full efforts to help Huang Xun Wen to complete the scriptwriting. Is such meeting a fate, or just sheer coincidence? On the other hand, Kang Jing (Starred by Jane Ng), who leaves home for many years, came back home to attend a funeral. However, Kang Ning (Starred by Wayne Chua), who was Kang Jing’s elder sister, expressed her dissatisfaction. It is noteworthy that many paranormal activities happened in their house, and subsequently unveil the secret that has been sealed for many years. The stories cut across the matter of meeting counterparts or competitors, having a crush on somebody and facing the family matter. Life is full with possibilities; it is all about decisions and lessons.