Media & Entertainment Investment

Media & Entertainment Investment | Sunstrong Entertainment

If you have a media entertainment project and would like an investor in making the project a reality, we are happy to discuss it further with you.

This can cover from motion films to short films, concerts, music ventures, and even made for TV or digital productions of sitcoms, drama’s, documentaries, and many more. We never limit what possibilities can come out from a unique project. You never know, maybe you are looking to make the world first AR Film and we would love to look into this project.

What we need to see from you is :

  1. A proper business plan that details the investment and ROI scenarios
  2. A strong passion and desire for the project that you are creating
  3. How does your project comply with our vision and mission?
  4. A solid background of you and your team that will be spearheading the project
  5. Past works that you have done which led you to embark on this project

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